Newton’s Place - Business Planning Consultancy brief


In the current location, the Newton Abbot Town Council and Museum face significant challenges

which results in a lower use of the facilities; namely, the distance from the town centre,

accessibility, signage and the space for the Museum displays and storage. These issues have been

raised repeatedly in visitor surveys and community consultations and the need to address this is

recognised within the Newton Abbot & District Community Plan (2008), the Teignbridge Local Plan

(2014) and the Newton Abbot Neighbourhood Plan (2016).

The former St Leonard’s Church premises was purchased by Newton Abbot Town Council in

August 2016. It has been disused for the last five years. The site is sufficient to provide an

enhanced Museum space, Town Council offices and community space for hire within the current


The project name is ‘Newton’s Place’. The vision of Newton’s Place is to create an accessible

community space that celebrates heritage, town and community and challenges pre-conceived

ideas of a museum and Town Council by operating in one welcoming environment.

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